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Found this quite compelling

The funny thing is, in typical American fashion, the White House can offer a lame, hole-filled explanation and the public will eat it up.
Then when any protests are made by those who think action needs to be taken, they are the nuts for going against the official story.
Firstly, the White House apology lied about notifying the Mayors office. They also stated it was Air Force One, which it is not to be called unless the POTUS is on board.
Also, really think for a second. What reason... what POSSIBLE REASON could they have for keeping this flight secret? There is none! Everything could have been avoided, the public panic, the media frenzy, just by notifying the Mayors office and local media.
Now we have to go back to the one constant. Who benefits and how?... Read More
The puppeteers benefit. They get a fresh gauge on how terrified they have the sheeple. How much of the leash have they shook off? Obviously not much if all it takes is a plane flying overhead to cause building evacuations.

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Finally managed to change the icon text to white. Thanks Dean!
Now what would be cool is, to have the fireflys moving in the background...Hmmmmm...Lets see what we can do.

We're still filing this away in the rumor folder for now, but we'll be honest -- this is totally believable. GigaOM has it on authority that a bona fide Skype for iPhone client will be launched as early as next week, and with CTIA kicking off on April 1st, we'd say the timing is just about ideal. Of course, we've already seen a variety of alternatives for bringing Skype and other VoIP apps to Apple's darling, but by and large, they've been supremely unimpressive. There's no word on pricing (we're crossing our fingers for free) or any other tasty tidbits, but you can bet we'll be keeping an ear to the ground for more. - Engadget

Now I have been using many Skype applications (iSkoot, Fring, etc) and I can safely say that this would be what I have been waiting for. However I find nothing wrong with Fring for the iPhone. Using the "backgrounder app" (your phone has to be jailbroken) you can easily trick the phone that its on a wifi connection and use the 3G to connect. It takes about a minute or 2 for Fring to refresh the contact list to show your buddies online; but that would have to be the only negative I see. Now, with the possible release of Skype for the iPhone, chances are that if its free you will only be able to use it if you are connected via wifi. I don't think AT&T wants everyone with an iPhone bogging down the network. Which makes no sense to me, because they sell windows mobile phones which Skype is available for download and can be used on their 3G network (Samsung Blackjack II). Lets hope our friends update their app on Cydia to allow Skype to work on the 3G, if not Fring will always be your friend.

Number One, Fire Torpedos!

$4 bucks well spent. 1buprofen approves this message.

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